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October 20, 2009

Four Seasons of Sun: Glass vs. Lexan Part II

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Below is the second article of four addressing the choice of Lexan and Glass in your sunroom. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, Bob breaks down why some manufacturers do not measure up to Brady-Built quality.

Glass is an extremely hard material. In fact, except for diamonds and other precious gems, and carbides, there are very few materials that are harder. This makes it very resistant to scratching. It also makes it easy to break. To a limited extent the weakness of Lexan is the strength of glass and vise-versa.

To make glass stronger for use in applications where an impact is possible or where breakage could cause harm, the glass industry developed tempered glass. Tempering the glass makes it very resistant to breakage and makes it so that when it does break, the pieces are very small and much less likely to cause serious harm to a person. Because glass is uniformly hard throughout, it is not subject to abrasion damage the way polycarbonate is. The glass on a Brady-Built sunroom is tempered.

One concern that has become more important to consumers especially in the past few years is energy conservation. Glazing systems have been developed to reduce energy loss through windows and sunroom walls.

The greatest challenge has been to make a glazing system that will allow as much energy (sunlight) into the house in winter as possible, while preventing energy (your heating system) from escaping through the glass. This part of the problem has been solved by the development of low e coatings and argon filled double glazing. The difficult part is to ask the same glazing system to do the exact opposite in the summer; keep the suns energy outside and letting any heat that has built up in the house out as well. This part of the problem has not been solved and must be addressed by other means.

It is impossible to have a glazing system that allows the maximum energy into the house in the winter and prevents heat build-up in the summer. Any claims that there is a glass or other glazing system that “does it all” is patently false. Other means are required. I’ll explain what I mean later.


As summer enters its last throes, the days are getting shorter and the nights a bit more chilly. Here at Brady-Built Sunrooms, we continue our work to bring the best and highest quality sunrooms to you. We have a series of articles coming up that will help you prepare for the winter months and help get you valuable information so that you can make the right decision for you and your home.

These articles were written by our General Manager, Robert Wironen, whose knowledge and experience will help guide you through some of the complexities faced when choosing a sunroom. We hope you enjoy these articles and gain helpful information.

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  1. windows can keep the house more temperate in both exelemtry cold and exelemtry hot weather; skylights and solar rooms can bring more natural light and heat into the home. However, these may take time, money and some

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