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November 16, 2009

Buffer Zone

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The area around wetlands in which construction is restricted or prohibited.  Determination of the buffer zone is defined by local ordinance using state guidelines and is administered by the local Conservation Commission.

Building Envelope

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The exterior walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors and other elements in a building that form the barrier between the interior living space and the outdoors.  Building codes have energy efficiency requirements that regulate the overall “Building Envelope” thermal efficiency.

November 15, 2009

Casement window

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Window that features a hinged sash that swings outward to the left or right. Typically taller than wide

CDX Plywood

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A type of plywood that is manufactured using moisture resistant adhesives making the plywood suitable for use where it might be subjected to moisture.  The C and D represents the quality of the face veneers and the X means exterior grade.

Certified Plot Plan

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A plan which shows the property (real estate) border and structures on the property that has been prepared by a registered land surveyor and has been stamped by the surveyor attesting to the plans accuracy.

Clima-Guard Glass

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Guardian Industries brand name for their insulating glass products.  Brady-Built Sunrooms uses Clima-Guard glass on all of their sunrooms and conservatories.

Compacted Fill

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Fill that has been replaced into an excavated site in lifts (layers) and compacted using any one or a combination of water soaking, rolling, vibratory compaction or other means used to reduce the air between particles of fill to as close to 100% compaction as possible.  Compacting is usually used to reduce the amount of settling that will occur over time.  This in turn reduces cracking in slabs or settling of structures.  Building foundations upon compacted fill is usually discouraged

Compression Seal

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A method used by some sunroom manufacturers as a means of weather sealing the glass.  This technique is completely dependent upon the rubber seal remaining pliable and the compressing frame remaining tight.  Compression seals are very prone to leaking especially as the gasket material becomes brittle with age.  Most plastics used for the gasket contain softeners called “plasticizers”.  UV light from the sun reacts with the plasticizer making the gasket brittle over time.


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A sunroom or solarium that has exterior walls with multiple facets rather than 3 sides like gable or eave style sunrooms.


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A raised structure on the roof of a house which is designed to divert water around another roof structure.  A cricket built for a sunroom is usually a sloping roof that is built over an existing roof as a means of increasing the height of the sunroom.  A cricket is often needed on houses with low eaves such as ranch style homes.

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