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June 29, 2010

Sunrooms For New England

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Harsh winters filled with unforgiving storms that during the coldest months of the New England year seem unyielding can make even a lifelong resident of this unpredictable region wonder why he/she hasn’t made the move to sunny California.Perhaps the mild, short summers open the way for the familiar smells of autumn. Cool winds, wood stoves and magic in the air are what make New England residents suffer through the trials of weather to reap Fall’s reward. The crunching of the leaves under sneakers while the crisp air kisses the face needing only a sweatshirt and jeans to brave its season, autumn never seems long enough.

Sunrooms though mainly considered a summer idea have gained popularity with New England residents. Perhaps it is the innovations in glass technology that allows the New Englander to have options where there once was none. Even as early as 15 years ago the idea of a sunroom made entirely out of glass on a New England home was preposterous. It would be as if the resident was asking for it to be shattered, cracked or destroyed. Temperatures under 0 degrees, icicles falling, and what seems like infinite pounds of heavy snow would have scared off the home owner from having anything more than an enclosed porch or screen house that could be disassembled when the bad weather was about to begin its tyrannical season.

This is no longer true. Companies such as Brady-Built Sunrooms offer some amazing options for the hesitant New England resident. The selling point being a way to expand an existing home and add value to the structure, but the thing that ensures confidence is the silver titanium glass system. This glass is tempered, specially tinted and perfectly insulated to guarantee maximum performance and solid durability. Keeping things cool in the summer, warm in the winter and just right come those cozy autumn nights. Easily removable glass can make way for screens to let in some of the cleansing air while keeping out all the critters that may want to temporarily lodge in such a spectacular room.

No longer do scores of New Englanders have to wonder what it would be like to have a glass structured sunroom, they can make it a reality and with numerous designs and layouts to choose from. Brady-Built Sunrooms assures that this revolutionary glass is made to withstand the elements, while being able to watch them from an at home luxury box.


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