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August 17, 2010

Solariums – The Glass Room

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Brady Built vs. Four Seasons

It's pretty "clear" that Brady's Glass will let in more sun

Property values have plummeted with the massive foreclosure rate that still plagues the U.S. in this current economy. Homeowners who have had the good fortune to keep their residence are looking for ways to increase their home and property value in hopes that if they do decided to move that they might get back their initial investment. There are several ways to increase a home’s value.; A new coat of paint, better insulation, and one that seem to be growing with popularity the solarium.

The word solarium is often used when talking about tanning beds, but for this purpose, that is not the case. Solarium in this instance refers to the room made completely out glass, including the roof. The floors are usually ceramic tiles to maximize the absorption of the sun. The subtle colors and cool texture are a serene addition to the solarium. The front of the room often has a curve appearance, which differs from a traditional sunroom, in order to allow the glass its full sunlight potential. This glass is specially tinted keeping out the harmful rays, but still allowing for all the benefits of the sun to come through warming the room and its inhabitants. Keeping in mind that the sun’s rays are just as strong coming through a solarium as if outside in full exposure, so wearing sunscreen is recommended for lengthy periods in the solarium.

When thinking of adding a solarium or sunroom to the home, it is extremely important to make sure, that the new edition blend naturally into the homes original style. Having an add on solarium or sunroom that represents an entirely different style than the home that it is added too will look tacky and odd, taking away from the value of the home rather than adding to it. Brady-Built Sunrooms are experts in this area and have architects on staff for consultation and design purposes, helping to make the solarium or sunroom look as if it was part of the original home structure.

These additions are used as sitting rooms, dining areas and just about anything these days, but no matter what it is used for it creates an ambiance that no other room in the house can compare to. Whether it is letting the suns warmth kiss the skin or staring at the sky in the twilight hours, there is romance, originality and escapism with this at home sanctuary.


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