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November 4, 2011

Why We Encourage Factory Tours

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We admit it – there are some people who think “factory-built sunroom” is synonymous with cheap, cookie-cutter construction and shoddy workmanship. Nothing could be further from the truth – at least not at Brady-Built! We strongly suggest that our customers – or anyone considering purchasing a sunroom – tour our factory to get the facts on factory-built sunrooms. Perhaps the best reason to tour our factory is because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to check out our sunrooms up close – all of our sunrooms and conservatories are built-to-order, so we don’t have a showroom!

Factory-built sunrooms and conservatories are far superior to on-site, “stick-built” models for many reasons. At Brady-Built, we have our own, environmentally-controlled factory that enables us to control every aspect of construction – starting with simply keeping our craftspeople comfortable and happy while they work, instead of being distracted and rushed by harsh, uncomfortable weather.

More than that, manufacturing sunrooms in a controlled environment enables us to maximize the environmental properties of all the materials we use – from maintaining optimal moisture and temperature during wood lamination, to controlling the cure rate of glues and sealants for weatherpoofing. Try doing that when you’re rushing to build a sunroom onsite, in summer’s relentless heat and humidity, or during a fall rainstorm, or a winter snow storm.

So to best tell the factory-built story, we think it’s important that all our customers actually visit our factory. Then they can see for themselves how a controlled environment enables us to manufacture the highest quality sunroom or conservatory possible. Once they understand that, they wonder why anyone would buy anything but a factory-built sunroom.

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