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December 20, 2012

Why do we use laminated wood instead of solid sawn wood?

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Brady-Built uses laminated wood for three reasons: beauty, structural strength and environmental benefits.  The beauty of natural wood speaks for itself.  It’s hard to imagine anyone preferring the look of extruded aluminum or vinyl over wood.  Taking that wood and laminating it takes it one step further, resulting in a very distinctive aesthetic, yet retaining the warmth and appeal of this natural product.

The structural advantages of southern yellow pine (sometimes called long leaf pine) are well known.  It is a particularly fine grained, dense, and strong variety of wood.  For example, southern yellow pine is about 50% to 60% stronger than eastern white pine, which is the most commonly used wood for framing houses in New England.  Because southern yellow pine is relatively hard, it also resists denting better than most other softwoods.  (more…)

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