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April 19, 2013

What to Consider When Planning for a New Sunroom

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Picture 050Getting a new sunroom is exciting! Sunrooms are very easy to enjoy all year round, no matter the season or weather. Many options are available, from installing an entirely new separate sunroom as an addition to remodeling an existing room into a paradise made of windows. Take some time to consider the sunroom that you truly want and you will end up enjoying it much more in your everyday life.

What are you going to use it for? There are many traditional functions that a sunroom can fulfill just as well as a regular room. A dining room made of windows is a very pleasant place to eat meals and entertain guests. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, maybe you can replace a wall or two with sunroom walls. If you like to read, consider furnishing your new sunroom with comfortable armchairs and elegant bookshelves. It’s your home, so customize it to suit the needs of your favorite activities, whatever they may be.

What room should it connect to? After you’ve decided what you’ll be doing in your new sunroom, you’ll have a better idea of where it should connect to your house. To continue with one of our examples, the ideal location for a dining room would be close to your existing kitchen. You must also keep in mind that the sun doesn’t care where the most efficient location for your new sunroom is. It will receive a different amount of sunlight depending on which side of the house you choose to install it.

What type of roof should I choose? The roof is one of the most important things to consider when designing your new sunroom. Should it be all glass? All solid? Half and half? Will there be an adjacent sloped roof above the sunroom? If so, how high above? Are you concerned about how hot the sunroom will be in the summer? How cold in the winter? These questions are all important in determining the best option for your sunroom roof. Our expert design staff will help you choose the right option for your needs and concerns.

Will you need a new foundation? Depending on the location you’ve chosen for your new sunroom, it may be possible to use an existing foundation. Factors that determine if this is feasible include age, depth and spacing of footings, and whether or not a building permit was issued for the existing deck or structure. Whether you need an entirely new foundation, or to modify an existing one to accept your new sunroom, our project professionals will guide you through each step of the process.

Will you need to hire a landscaper? Any addition to your home may require you to change the way your yard is landscaped. You may need to relocate entire gardens, which can include rock walls, shrubberies and even trees. Even if you don’t have anything to move out of the way, you may want to consider hiring landscaping services after the installation of your new sunroom is complete, just to put some finishing touches on everything. Of course, if you’re into gardening, you can always do it yourself!

Call us today to discuss any questions you have about our beautiful sunrooms! Our installations are quick and painless, as we can typically get your new sunroom in place in one day.


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