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October 15, 2013

Seven Alternative Sunroom Ideas

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Alternative Sunroom IdeasThe best thing about adding a sunroom to your home is that you get to decide how you and the other residents of your home will to use the new room. Here are a few suggestions for alternative sunroom ideas that just might inspire you to create the ultimate perfect room.

Kitchen. If you have to spend any significant amount of time in your kitchen, whether you’re preparing meals for yourself or a crowd, why not create a combination kitchen-sunroom area? This way, you can reap the benefits of all that natural light, and grow fresh herbs for cooking right there in your windows.

Entryway. Want to make your front door entrance even more impressive? Add a sunroom right there in the front of your house. What better way to show off your indoor plants than to put them front and center? It’s quite common to see people with porches that are screened in, so why not treat yourself to the same luxury? Add seating to relax while people-watching, if you live in a populated area. Use your windows as your canvas for holiday decorations. There are many benefits to this choice.

Bedroom. If your home has a beautiful, private view, why not turn your sunroom into your bedroom? With the right placement, you won’t have to worry about people on the outside seeing into your bedroom. Just imagine waking up to the most beautiful view on your property every day!

Reading Room. Install low shelves so you don’t block your windows, or use a non-window wall to create an entire wall of shelves. Filling these shelves with books will not only look classy, but it will essentially be your sunroom AND library. Complete the room with comfy armchairs or couches, and warm lighting for nighttime reading. What better spot to relax and read than in your sunroom, soaking up natural light, listening to birdsong?

Music Room. Having a dedicated location to practice your scales and songs is convenient. Having a beautiful, well-lit area is even better. However, be careful about storing any musical instruments there, as delicate woodwork must be kept in the appropriate humidity and temperature.

Home Office. If you work from home, why not give yourself the best room in the house to get your work done? Get away from the distractions of everyday life and surround yourself with nature in your sunroom. Even on days with rainy weather, the sounds of nature can be soothing and help you focus on what needs to get done.

Home Spa. Having an indoor hot tub prevents you from worrying about leaves and other debris accumulating in your hot tub and possibly getting into the plumbing to cause problems. An additional bonus to this placement is that you can still enjoy the hot bubbly water without venturing outdoors. Just imagine watching a blizzard from within the comfort of your sunroom, relaxing as the hot jets of water massage your hardworking muscles.

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