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December 1, 2009

Four Seasons of Sun: Glass vs. Lexan Part III

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Below is the third article in our series addressing the choice of Lexan and Glass in your sunroom. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, Bob breaks down why some manufacturers do not measure up to Brady-Built quality.

To understand why the glazing systems respond the way they do in summer versus winter, it’s important to know one fundamental element of heating and cooling design.  The amount of energy needed to make a room comfortable is directly proportional to the difference in outdoor temperature versus indoor temperature.

For instance, if you want your house to be 70 degrees on a 10 degree day in January you need enough energy to raise the temperature 60 degrees.  If you want your house to be 70 degrees on a very hot day in the summer, let’s say it is 100 degrees outdoors, you will need only half as much energy to get it to your target temperature of 70 degrees.  This is pretty obvious when you read it, but it has important implications when selecting glass for a sunroom.

Using heavily tinted glass or plastic will help prevent the sun from hitting surfaces in the room, reducing the amount of heat generated in the room, but a significant portion of the sunlight is converted directly into heat energy in the tinted glass.

About half of this heat energy radiates into the sunroom causing the temperatures within the room to rise to levels well above the outdoor temperature.  Though this is a relatively small amount of heat, remember, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, that much less energy is needed in summer to make a big difference in comfort (or discomfort in this case).

As summer enters its last throes, the days are getting shorter and the nights a bit more chilly. Here at Brady-Built Sunrooms, we continue our work to bring the best and highest quality sunrooms to you. We have a series of articles coming up that will help you prepare for the winter months and help get you valuable information so that you can make the right decision for you and your home.

These articles were written by our General Manager, Robert Wironen, whose knowledge and experience will help guide you through some of the complexities faced when choosing a sunroom. We hope you enjoy these articles and gain helpful information.

November 17, 2009


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A new structure that is to be added on to the existing structure.  Additions are often new rooms such as a family room or a conservatory or an expansion of an existing room.  Most states require a building permit for additions.

Aluminum Extrusion

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A structural or trim piece that is manufactured by forcing aluminum through a die.  Extruded aluminum is commonly used for the frame on many sunrooms and is used by Brady-Built for the exterior weathering surface of their sunrooms, making it possible to have the maintenance free qualities of aluminum on the outside and the beauty of wood on the inside.


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A thin covering of sheet aluminum used to protect the exterior many wood products.

Anodized Aluminum

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A technique for applying a thin but durable coating on aluminum.  Anodizing is similar to the electroplating process that is often used to coat steel and other metals.  The colors available and the color saturation is limited for anodized finishes.


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A Noble (inert) gas designated by the symbol Ar.  It is often used between lites of glass in an insulating glass unit to improve the units insulating qualities.  Argon is colorless, odorless and harmless to humans.

Awning window

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Window that hinges at the top and opens outward from the bottom like an awning. Typically wider than tall.

AZEK® Trim

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Low-maintenance, and durable cornice or other exterior trim made from a cellular PVC material that’s impervious to insects and moisture.

November 10, 2009

Don’t Put Your Construction on Ice During Winter

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There is a common misconception that it is not safe or it is too expensive to dig and pour concrete foundations in the winter time. This belief, though probably true at one time, is no longer valid. Particularly when adding onto an existing heated structure. (more…)

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