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October 15, 2015

Picture Perfect Sunrooms in New England

The old saying, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes,” is more appropriate here than most places. While true New Englanders embrace all four seasons, we still reserve the right to complain about the weather for one reason or another.

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There is always something special, though, about the onset of fall in New England. As the vibrant colors emerge and the days get shorter, our outdoors landscapes can become truly awe inspiring. We don’t mind the cold mornings and nights so much, as long as sunshine is abundant during the day. And though the beauty of fall seems to fade as quickly as it arrived, it never fails to thrill and inspire.

Our clients tell us repeatedly that their Brady Built Sunroom is a place they can truly enjoy their surroundings without concern of what mother nature is up to.

We’ve been gathering images from our clients since way before the digital age. And during that time we’ve built thousands of sunrooms, many of them framing views far more breathtaking than could possibly be conveyed by a photograph.

Nonetheless, we’ll share just a few of them here. Enjoy.






As busy as we keep building and installing new sunrooms, we don’t often find time to write blogs. Thankfully, our work tends to speak for itself, so from our point of view, these photos are priceless.

For many more sunroom photos, visit our gallery and before & after pages. Also be sure to check out our growing library of time lapse videos.





June 14, 2010

Home Vacation

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With airlines charging outrageous extra fees for baggage and food, along with their ticket prices, more people are deciding not to travel and leave home for a vacation destination. Hotels, food and car rentals can add up to thousands more dollars on top of the inflated costs to fly.A vacation is supposed to be relaxing, so stress over finances seems to defeat the purpose. Five days at a resort with nothing but bills and a tan to show for it upon return can leave the traveler with vacationers’ remorse.

There is an alternative to escaping from home in order to bring a little sunshine in to the days. Brady-Built Sunrooms provides the service of adding a custom-built sunroom to an already existing structure. Considering the costs of vacationing and travel, adding a sunroom costs little more and provides no one but countless vacations without having to leave home. Every person needs a sanctuary of sorts and a custom-built sunroom brings in the healing, relaxing warmth of the sun, while blocking out the noise of the world on which it shines. (more…)

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