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August 25, 2010

Solar Screens vs. Solar Glass

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Solar screens, the best way to manage sunroom temperatures year-round.

There are many competing claims by sunroom manufacturers about glass.  Some claim to have the “best” glass in the industry, others claim that their glass blocks out most of the sun’s heat in summer; others say theirs allows most of the sun’s warmth through in the winter.  Like so many things in life, you can’t have it all.  Magic glass is a myth.  Designing glazing systems is a science that requires a clear understanding of what it will be used for, what qualities are most important and where compromises can be made.  Glass, if not modified, allows most of the visible light spectrum to pass through and has virtually no insulating value.  What this means is any light that passes through the glass will strike another surface (inside your house or sunroom) and either be reflected or absorbed.  The light that is absorbed is converted into heat energy (remember the conservation of energy law from high school physics class?).  This heat in the winter is desirable and in the summer can make the room uncomfortably hot. (more…)

August 17, 2010

Solariums – The Glass Room

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Brady Built vs. Four Seasons

It's pretty "clear" that Brady's Glass will let in more sun

Property values have plummeted with the massive foreclosure rate that still plagues the U.S. in this current economy. Homeowners who have had the good fortune to keep their residence are looking for ways to increase their home and property value in hopes that if they do decided to move that they might get back their initial investment. There are several ways to increase a home’s value.; A new coat of paint, better insulation, and one that seem to be growing with popularity the solarium.

The word solarium is often used when talking about tanning beds, but for this purpose, that is not the case. Solarium in this instance refers to the room made completely out glass, including the roof. The floors are usually ceramic tiles to maximize the absorption of the sun. (more…)

August 4, 2010

What is a helical screw foundation?

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Brady-Built Sunrooms often recommends a helical screw foundation for the installation of
sunrooms as an alternative to a concrete pier (often called a Sonotube) foundation. What is it and why use it?

First; it is best to understand what a concrete pier foundation is. A concrete pier foundation requires the excavation of a hole large enough to accept the pier form (usually a cardboard tube).The hole must extend to below the frost line, which in most of New England is set at 48” by building code. Depending upon soil conditions and the weight of the structure that the pier will support, a flared bottom is sometimes required on the pier. This is achieved by using a plastic form under the cardboard tube form that gives the pier an upside down ice cream cone shape.The hole for this type of pier is significantly larger than a straight tube pier. (more…)

June 29, 2010

Sunrooms For New England

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Harsh winters filled with unforgiving storms that during the coldest months of the New England year seem unyielding can make even a lifelong resident of this unpredictable region wonder why he/she hasn’t made the move to sunny California.Perhaps the mild, short summers open the way for the familiar smells of autumn. Cool winds, wood stoves and magic in the air are what make New England residents suffer through the trials of weather to reap Fall’s reward. The crunching of the leaves under sneakers while the crisp air kisses the face needing only a sweatshirt and jeans to brave its season, autumn never seems long enough.

Sunrooms though mainly considered a summer idea have gained popularity with New England residents. Perhaps it is the innovations in glass technology that allows the New Englander to have options where there once was none. Even as early as 15 years ago the idea of a sunroom made entirely out of glass on a New England home was preposterous. It would be as if the resident was asking for it to be shattered, cracked or destroyed. Temperatures under 0 degrees, icicles falling, and what seems like infinite pounds of heavy snow would have scared off the home owner from having anything more than an enclosed porch or screen house that could be disassembled when the bad weather was about to begin its tyrannical season. (more…)

June 14, 2010

Home Vacation

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With airlines charging outrageous extra fees for baggage and food, along with their ticket prices, more people are deciding not to travel and leave home for a vacation destination. Hotels, food and car rentals can add up to thousands more dollars on top of the inflated costs to fly.A vacation is supposed to be relaxing, so stress over finances seems to defeat the purpose. Five days at a resort with nothing but bills and a tan to show for it upon return can leave the traveler with vacationers’ remorse.

There is an alternative to escaping from home in order to bring a little sunshine in to the days. Brady-Built Sunrooms provides the service of adding a custom-built sunroom to an already existing structure. Considering the costs of vacationing and travel, adding a sunroom costs little more and provides no one but countless vacations without having to leave home. Every person needs a sanctuary of sorts and a custom-built sunroom brings in the healing, relaxing warmth of the sun, while blocking out the noise of the world on which it shines. (more…)

March 30, 2010

April Trade Shows Announced

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Brady-Built Sunrooms is going to be across New England and showcasing their beautiful custom sunrooms. If you can’t make it out to one of these trade shows, why not request a factory tour for yourself? Also don’t forget to look at our beautiful Sunroom Gallery. The list of the trade shows is after the break. (more…)

March 3, 2010

Our March Trade Show Dates for New England

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Brady Built Sunrooms is going to be across New England and showcasing their beautiful custom sunrooms. If you can’t make it out to one of these trade shows, why not request a factory tour for yourself. And also don’t forget to look at our beautiful Sunroom Gallery. The list of the trade shows are after the break.

Mark the date on your calendar!
Sunrooms By Brady is coming to your town! (more…)

February 17, 2010

It’s about the experience

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We consulted with Brady-Built of New England several years ago on a large commercial retail renovation project. The goal was to replace a dilapidated, aluminum, single-pane greenhouse with a new climate controlled and aesthetically pleasing solarium. The result is a beautiful wood-interior strait eave sunspace, custom-designed to fit over an existing 16 foot by 36 foot section of our hot tub and sauna showroom located in Nashua, New Hampshire.

I have been involved with many sunroom construction projects over the past thirty years from site-built greenhouse structures to conservatories and pool enclosures. Nothing compares with the beauty, integrity, and free heat of a Brady Room. Their southern yellow pine beams with factory-applied urethane finish, Climaguard solar glass, Pella windows and doors, along with a 25 year comprehensive warranty make BradyRooms easy to own, easy to enjoy.

We truly appreciate how our own Brady Built project came together seamlessly from custom design services to final installation-a well coordinated effort. Our company had previously experienced years of frustration with marginal support from other four season type offerings. Most kits, constructed of vinyl and aluminum, were erected and glazed on site which often led to performance issues mostly due to limited generic design and/or hurried installation during less than ideal weather conditions. The Brady brand offers everyone a premium modular upgrade to your single largest investment, your home. (more…)

January 12, 2010

Going Green with a Sunroom

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Our friends at Your Designs LLC, an authorized Brady-Built reseller in Michigan, asked us a question about sustainability and eco-friendly materials in our sunrooms. We understand how important it is to today’s families. You’ll be happy to know that Brady-Built Sunrooms are not just beautiful, but help maintain nature’s beauty so we can enjoy it with our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

The windows (Pella) that we use are energy star rated.  The glass from Guardian exceeds energy star specifications, but the NFRC does not certify window components, so technically we cannot say that our glass is energy star rated (that’s why Guardians web site is so vague).  The wood is from a sustainable source.  The aluminum is mostly recycled content.  All factory scrap glass and aluminum is recycled. Wood scraps are given away to local residents for use as fuel for home heaters.  The sawdust is given to a local farmer for use as bedding for livestock.

January 11, 2010

Three Reasons Why You Should Add a Sunroom This Year

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Summer Sunroom StylesMore Americans are choosing to stay in their existing homes right now (rather than buying a new house) than they have in decades. The poor economy is largely to blame, of course. Instead of getting a bigger house, homeowners are choosing instead to remodel their existing space to accommodate their needs. One of the most beautiful ways to add living space is through building a sunroom. Here are three reasons why you should add a sunroom to your home this year.

1. Materials are cheaper right now

Because of the downward spiral in the building industry, basic materials have not been this inexpensive in years and years. It’s been a tough couple of years for builders, but the (more…)

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