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November 10, 2010

Laminated Wood vs Aluminum

Why Laminated Wood?

When considering the purchase of a sunroom, there are many decisions to make.  What the sunroom’s structure is made from is one of the most important from a practical as well as an aesthetic perspective.

Extruded vinyl or aluminum are commonly used to build the frames for sunrooms.  Both materials are very resistant to rot and require little maintenance but have the look and feel of a poor quality product.  Furthermore, sunroom built from vinyl or aluminum are “stick” built on-site with very little control over quality due to the variability of the skills between one technician and another.

Laminated wood sunrooms offer several advantages.  There is little doubt that wood looks “warmer and richer” than either of it’s competitors.  In fact, wood is literally warmer because it is a much better thermal insulator than either aluminum or vinyl.  The color and grain patterns in wood are beautiful.  Laminating wood to form the beams takes advantage of the beauty of the wood and enhances its structural qualities.  Sawn timber beams are weakened by knots and other natural variations in the wood.  When wood is cut into thin laminations and then glued together to make up a full thickness beam, the knots and other “defects” are limited to only the thickness of each lamination.  Since the natural flaws don’t line up from layer to layer, the effective strength of the beam is not impacted.

To protect the beautiful wood from the elements, the exterior surfaces of laminated wood sunrooms are clad in aluminum extrusions.  This technique offers all of the advantages of wood and aluminum.

Since wood is an easily machined material, it makes customizing the sunroom easy.  Manufacturers of aluminum and vinyl sunrooms will not customize their rooms to fit special customer requirements.  Building sunrooms from laminated wood makes customization a natural benefit.

June 10, 2009

Brady-Built announces new web-site

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  • June 23, 2008
  • Media Contact: David Greenwood, 978-568-1374

Massachusetts’ Brady-Built Sunrooms Makes it Easy to Renovate Your Home

Newly Designed Website Helps Customers Make Decisions

Auburn, Mass. – Brady-Built Sunrooms located in Central Massachusetts understands that putting on an addition requires a great deal of thought and consideration. With 30-years in the New England sunroom and solarium business, Brady-Built has worked hard to facilitate customers with their choices to improve or expand their homes. Recently, they have taken showcasing the craftsmanship of their sunrooms, solariums and conservatories to another level by adding a photo gallery of several different custom built rooms on their newly designed website. Brady-Built is pleased about the opportunities and possibilities this creates for their customers and the help it will give them in making important decisions regarding the transformation of their homes.

Brady-Built based just outside of Worcester, MA has always worked to achieve maximum customer service and satisfaction. Their custom-built sunrooms, four season rooms and other made-to-order rooms are constructed in an environmentally controlled factory and are individually weather tested before delivery. This method insures no problems after installation, which typically takes only one day. Brady-Built also offers tours of their factory, to help customers get ideas or simply view their custom craftsmanship. With the improvements on their new website, customers who are unable to make it to the Brady-Built factory have the ability to take an on-line tour and get a better idea of how they would like to transform their homes.

Brady-Built focuses on what they do best – designing and building sunrooms and conservatories. Purchasing your room directly from Brady, the manufacturer, not a distributor or reseller, keeps prices surprisingly low. Every Brady sunroom is custom built, so you are guaranteed your room will fit beautifully with the style and construction of your home. They are recognized as experts in manufacturing laminated wood sunrooms and back up their work with a simple, easy-to-understand, comprehensive 25-year warranty.

Brady-Built not only specializes in sunrooms, conservatories, solariums, four season rooms and patio rooms, they also create unique kitchen, dining rooms and living room additions. They offer a choice of glass or solid walls and roofs or traditional shingled roofs to tongue-and-groove interior pine finish. Log on to to take your virtual tour of a Brady-Built Sunroom today and to view their newly designed website.

ABOUT BRADY-BUILT SUNROOMS Brady-Built Sunrooms has been manufacturing custom sunrooms, conservatories, four season rooms and other custom built rooms for thirty years. Their skilled craftsmen and glaziers take great pride in creating the world’s finest sunrooms and guarantee the quality and experience of their rooms.

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