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October 15, 2013

Seven Alternative Sunroom Ideas

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Alternative Sunroom IdeasThe best thing about adding a sunroom to your home is that you get to decide how you and the other residents of your home will to use the new room. Here are a few suggestions for alternative sunroom ideas that just might inspire you to create the ultimate perfect room.

Kitchen. If you have to spend any significant amount of time in your kitchen, whether you’re preparing meals for yourself or a crowd, why not create a combination kitchen-sunroom area? This way, you can reap the benefits of all that natural light, and grow fresh herbs for cooking right there in your windows.


August 13, 2013

Hidden Health Benefits to Owning a Sunroom

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Hidden Health Benefits to Owning a SunroomWe all know that spending time in the sun can be beneficial to your health, but most people aren’t too sure of the specifics. One thing is for sure – having your very own sunroom makes it easy for you to get more sun all year round. Here are a few of our favorite advantages of being a sunroom owner and enthusiast.

4. Vitamin D. Sunlight is the major source of vitamin D-producing Ultraviolet B radiation, which has a wide range of positive health effects, including possibly inhibiting the growth of some cancers. Although long-term sunlight exposure is known to be associated with various health risks, that certainly doesn’t mean that you should avoid it completely! Find a good balance for your sunlight exposure that does not leave you sunburned. Vitamin D supplements aren’t quite a perfect substitute; as the human body has natural mechanisms that would prevent overdoses of vitamin D generated internally from sunlight, but these mechanisms would not be able to handle the supplements. (more…)

January 8, 2013

Should I worry about snow build-up on the roof of my sunroom?

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Snowy SunroomSince there are many more windows in a sunroom than in most normal rooms, it’s pretty reasonable to be concerned that it might not be able to support the heavy snow that accumulates all winter long here in New England. The good news is that when it comes to Brady-Built Sunrooms, there’s nothing to worry about.

Every Brady-Built Sunroom is designed for the specific location in which it will be installed. Building codes are very strict about taking snow and wind loads into consideration when designing walls and roofs, including glass surfaces. Brady-Built always designs to exceed the code required loading. In New England, snow load requirements range from 30PSF to 120PSF. When you consider that snow weighs between 7 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) and 20 PCF, the building code assumes a tremendous amount of snow build up on a roof. Wind load requirements range from 90MPH up to 120MPH. In some locations there are special regulations for hurricane loads, and these are also part of our design considerations. (more…)

November 10, 2010

Laminated Wood vs Aluminum

Why Laminated Wood?

When considering the purchase of a sunroom, there are many decisions to make.  What the sunroom’s structure is made from is one of the most important from a practical as well as an aesthetic perspective.

Extruded vinyl or aluminum are commonly used to build the frames for sunrooms.  Both materials are very resistant to rot and require little maintenance but have the look and feel of a poor quality product.  Furthermore, sunroom built from vinyl or aluminum are “stick” built on-site with very little control over quality due to the variability of the skills between one technician and another.

Laminated wood sunrooms offer several advantages.  There is little doubt that wood looks “warmer and richer” than either of it’s competitors.  In fact, wood is literally warmer because it is a much better thermal insulator than either aluminum or vinyl.  The color and grain patterns in wood are beautiful.  Laminating wood to form the beams takes advantage of the beauty of the wood and enhances its structural qualities.  Sawn timber beams are weakened by knots and other natural variations in the wood.  When wood is cut into thin laminations and then glued together to make up a full thickness beam, the knots and other “defects” are limited to only the thickness of each lamination.  Since the natural flaws don’t line up from layer to layer, the effective strength of the beam is not impacted.

To protect the beautiful wood from the elements, the exterior surfaces of laminated wood sunrooms are clad in aluminum extrusions.  This technique offers all of the advantages of wood and aluminum.

Since wood is an easily machined material, it makes customizing the sunroom easy.  Manufacturers of aluminum and vinyl sunrooms will not customize their rooms to fit special customer requirements.  Building sunrooms from laminated wood makes customization a natural benefit.

October 27, 2009

Brady-Built Sunrooms Receives Highest Rating from Better Business Bureau

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Auburn, Mass. Brady-Built Sunrooms has been awarded an A+ BBB Rating by the Better Business Bureau, according to Robert Wironen, general manager of Marvic, Inc. the custom year-round sunroom and conservatory builder doing business as Brady-Built Sunrooms. A+ is the highest business evaluation rating awarded by the national business and consumer advocacy group.

“It’s quite an honor to receive an A+ BBB Rating,” stated Wironen. “It indicates that we take customer satisfaction very seriously.” According to Wironen, Brady-Built has been a BBB-accredited company for ten years, meaning that it has met a set of rigorous standards for ethical practices and consumer satisfaction for over a decade.

According to the Better Business Bureau, not every company can receive accreditation. Companies that apply for accreditation must submit to a comprehensive review process and meet a number of qualifications, including building and maintaining a positive track record in the marketplace, advertising honestly, providing clear and transparent business and guarantee policies, honoring all promises, and responding quickly and positively to all inquiries and issues.

“We take a lot of pride in the design, quality construction, and professional installation of all our sunrooms and conservatories,” added Wironen. “We’re a big believer in complete customer satisfaction and it shows in our A+ BBB Rating.”

The company has been designing and manufacturing custom Brady-Built sunrooms and conservatories in its environmentally-controlled Auburn, Massachusetts manufacturing facility for almost thirty years. Unlike many of its competitors, Brady-Built sunrooms are manufactured in a factory and then delivered fully-built for installation, ensuring a weather-tight fit and fast, efficient installation. All Brady-Built products come with an easy-to-understand, comprehensive 25-year warranty.

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