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"When we decided to build a sunroom and garage behind our house, we knew there would be many challenges. One was the problem of how to connect the sunroom to the garage. Another was the shape and size of our lot - we'd need to get a variance. The team at Brady came through for us on both counts.

From the first time we met Designer Kevin Kieler during our factory tour, we knew we'd be in good hands. He was confident that we could work through the challenges to get something we would love. Kevin helped us plan the perfect sunroom to serve as both a means to enjoy the backyard and as an entryway from the garage. We really appreciated his design recommendations and his patience with our questions and ideas. Figuring out how to connect the two structures was tricky, but Kevin had some great ideas and worked with the experts at Brady on a good approach. Then he walked us through every step of the variance process, from gathering the paperwork to making the arguments to the town planning board. He also coordinated with our contractor on various details, and on the building permit.

We loved "visiting" our sunroom while it was being built, but nothing compared with installation day. Our Project Manager Kathi LaFountain coordinated the site work and scheduling perfectly. When the sunroom arrived on the truck, Installers Tony and Bob had everything under control. Seeing the crane lift the sunroom over the wires and our tall trees, and be guided smoothly into place by them, was amazing. In just a couple of hours, Bob and the crew had it secured to the house and we were sitting inside marveling at how our dream had become reality


We love our sunroom, and our cats do, too (especially the extra-wide knee wall we included just for them). We would highly recommend the whole Brady team."

- Mr. & Mrs. Vigneau (Stoneham, MA)

"The best thing about our sunroom is that we live in it from April thru November and the warmth you get to enjoy from it on sunny days in the colder months is amazing."

- Mr. & Mrs. Schlichte (Gloucester, MA)

"We are delighting in our second Brady Built sunroom … while the couple who bought our 1840’s Roxbury house are enjoying the first one. That one, added in 1995 adjacent to the kitchen, brought light and the beauty of big plants to that previously dark and nondescript space. We planted a birch next to it, and an eye-level bird feeder an inch from the glass. We have great pictures of brilliant cardinals feeding there, with the snow in the background.

So when we moved to Maryland last year, one attraction to the modest Cape we bought was the blank back wall, perfect for a new sunroom to bring the enjoyment of the tree-canopied back yard to our living space. And we knew it had to be a Brady Built sunroom. What a thrill when it finally arrived!

A couple of weeks ago, the wall was opened, and French doors put in. We have a glider to relax in, and a patio set to have lunch on: a new bird feeder will follow soon.

This company, their product and their highly professional staff are the best!"

- Ulman / Williamson (Hyattsville, MD)

"We love our new Brady sunroom that replaced our deteriorating two-story deck. Everyone that has seen the sunroom so far has the same "Wow, it's stunning!" reaction. We still have a hard time to believe it is real, and not a photograph in a magazine.

With the room being both heated and air-conditioned, we use the room year round, and have had every holiday dinner in the upper sunroom since the sunroom's completion. Even though we gave the sunroom a very tropical feel, we really enjoy experiencing the four seasons and the acrobatic antics of squirrels and birds with our wooded view.

We made it through our first winter with no issues with snow, ice or water. With our western sun exposure, the sunroom was warm all winter, even to the point of being able to get some rays even while snow was on the ground.

One of the main features we were looking for in a sunroom was a two-story option since we live on a hill with a walkout basement, and did not want the space under the sunroom to be "dead space". The Brady consultants worked with us to turn the potential "dead space" under the traditional upper sunroom into a spa retreat with a 5-person hot tub. To complicate the design, we also wanted the access stairs to the lower sunroom inside the sunroom to avoid icy outdoor stairs in the winter. We are very pleased with the end result.

We really appreciated the factory tour before we started our project. It was amazing to see the process of how the curved eaves (which we selected) were made. We did visit our sunroom during the construction process (even if just to match furniture stains and fabrics against the wood). When it was time for delivery, our neighbors were amazed to see the two levels of the room being craned in over the house in a matter of a few hours.

For us, who needs to go on a vacation with our own tropical/spa retreat available to us every day! We would definitely recommend Brady Sunrooms to others who would want to add a personal retreat space to their home."

- Martel (Marlborough, MA)

Contact us to schedule a tour of our showroom and factory, located in Auburn, MA, just south of Worcester, MA. We are just a convenient 1 hour drive from Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT.

"Did a great job was on time and no mess cleaned up after .I love the room it is made really well love it."

- Mr. & Mrs. Dodge (Topsfield, MA)

"We very much look forward to enjoying our new sunroom for many years to come that you and your crew installed yesterday. It came out better than our expectations, clearly having a much larger sense of space than the old one as you noted it would. We were treated to an absolutely amazing show of teamwork from the time the crane backed in to the time everyone had left. Never had seen anything like it before. We hardly heard a word said, with everyone doing their job quickly and efficiently."

- Mr. & Mrs. Everberg (Woodstock, CT)

"We are so delighted with our Brady Built Sunroom-our only regret is not purchasing one sooner. Since April first, 2015, we have enjoyed it every day/night. High quality and a perfect addition to our home and life."

- Mr. & Mrs. Ives (Hull, MA)

"Good Morning Kevin and Kathi, It is hard to believe that we have had our Brady Sunroom since 2009. The room continues to provide us with great enjoyment year round. There is nothing more spectacular than observing the full moon in winter with snow on the ground. We love to open up our sofa bed and look up at the clear blue sky in the winter months, when it is nice and warm inside and frigid outside. With our gas stove the room is always warm and inviting in the cold months. We spend many hours in the room whether we are reading, napping, or watching the birds, it is the best place to enjoy the outdoors with all the comfort of the indoors. Our family and friends like to have dinner in the sun room and when we host large family get-togethers we bring an extra table into the sun room so that 8 of us can dine in the sunshine, while the other 8 have to stay in the dining room. It is so nice to have a company like Brady Built for our sun room, we are still extremely happy that we met you at the home show in CT and got the chance to visit your factory in MA.

- Mr. & Mrs. Brindamour (Glastonbury, CT)

"Hi Kevin, It was nice having you and Jeff visit yesterday to see how beautifully our sun room has held up over the past 10 years. It has been a wonderful addition to our beach home, bringing the outdoor views into a very comfortable indoor environment. Not only do the windows completely surround us when we are sitting in our sunroom, but they provide substantial passive solar heat gain, allowing the sunroom to be used three seasons without heating, and only modest heating is required in the winter. In fact, we invariably leave the doors from our sunroom into our family room open, to allow the warmth of the sunroom to heat our house as well. Unquestionably, our sunroom has become a focal point of our home."

-Mr. Rosenthal (Plymouth, MA)

Contact us to schedule a tour of our showroom and factory, located in Auburn, MA, just south of Worcester, MA. We are just a convenient 1 hour drive from Boston, MA - Providence, RI - Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT.

WE DID OUR HOMEWORK: We thoroughly investigated the leading sunroom companies in our area, across the full range of price points.

PRICE (NO MIDDLE MEN): One of the things that distinguished Brady Built from its competitors is that it was able to design, build, deliver and install a high-end room for us at a mid-range price point. This is possible because with Brady Built you work directly with the factory.

THE FACTORY: Before we bought the room, we were given a tour of the factory. They explained every step of the design and construction process. We saw more than a dozen rooms in various styles and in various stages of construction. We visited our own room a few times to watch it evolve. And we visited the factory to approve the room when it was ready to be delivered.

DESIGN: The Brady folks took fine-point measurements and presented a detailed design. The engineering drawings showed several different views and listed the key specifics, identifying the materials that would be used.

CURVED WOOD BEAM FRAMEWORK: This is where Brady really stands out from the competition. The most expensive competitors also offered beautiful wood beams, but these companies would have had to go to outside contractors at considerable additional cost to get us the curved beams we wanted.

CONSTRUCTION: Brady was the only company that builds and thoroughly water tests their rooms at their factory. Each of the other companies wanted to build our room on site, estimating that the property would be disturbed for about two to three weeks. We didn’t want the construction mess, including scaffolding, the danger of workers falling or dropping heavy glass, and the security problems from having the house somewhat “open" until the room was sealed up.

INSTALLATION: When the room was ready to be delivered and installed, we went to the factory to make sure everything was in order. A few days later, the room was brought to our home on a flat-bed truck, craned over the house, lowered into position and secured to our home. My wife and I commented that we should have sold tickets — it was so fascinating to watch this process. The install took about a day and a half.

SERVICE: As with any large custom contracting project there were a few “punch-list” items. Brady handled them promptly and professionally without charge and did not request the final payment until we were completely satisfied.

WATER TIGHT: We’re writing this after the record snowstorms of February, 2015. The Brady room is completely dry. This is significant because we had lots of water problems with the original sunroom that was built when the house was first constructed in the late 1980s. It’s also significant because we’re dealing with serious leaks in other parts of our home.

ALL SEASONS ROOM: Our sunroom is heated and air conditioned — we use it year round. It was installed during a hot spell last summer. And we’re experiencing single-digit temperatures now (February 2015) with below zero wind chills without problems.

ADDED VALUE TO OUR HOME: Our friends, family and business colleagues who have seen the room love it — several of them said the room adds a “wow factor” to our home. We’re certain that we added more value to our home than the cost of the project.

OUR RECOMMENDATION TO OTHERS CONSIDERING BRADY: These are great folks who do great work. They deserve your consideration.

- Boston, MA

The best part of having my jacuzzi in my Brady sunroom is NOT having to go outside after you get out of your jacuzzi tub. Probably one of the most peaceful places you can be when you're sitting inside the tub, and you can look up and see the moon, see the stars ...

Ms. Cook (Stoughton, MA)

Enjoying our Brady-Built Sunroom!! The best investment we've ever made!!! The most-used room in our house!

- Wing (Burlington, MA)

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