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Should I Worry About Snow Build-Up on the Roof of My Sunroom?

Auburn, MA | December 1, 2018

Since there are many more windows in a sunroom than in most normal rooms, it’s pretty reasonable to be concerned that it might not be able to support the heavy snow that accumulates all winter long here in New England. The good news is that when it comes to Brady-Built Sunrooms, there’s nothing to worry about.

Sunroom Semantics

Auburn, MA | November 26, 2018

Among those who prefer to have a more precise understanding of the terminology, and do not mind a bit to split hairs on the shades of meaning among synonyms, sunrooms can present a few variants that may leave you wanting to clarify your vision, or at least be able to refer most appropriately to those installations that you see as you are cruising through the neighborhoods.  The semantics of sunrooms are not as set in stone as many of the terms you will find in the architectural landscape, but if you take this opportunity to explore, new ideas may present that you had never really considered.   

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Sunroom Boston MA

How do we make curved laminated wood beams?

Auburn, MA | September 2, 2018

Many of our beautiful Brady-Built sunrooms feature elegant curved wooden beams, but did you know how those pieces were made? It’s quite a process, but we need to make sure each piece passes all of our quality tests to give our customers the best possible sunroom. This month we want to share more about how our curved laminated wood beams come to be.

Worcester Home Show

Best Design Awarded to Brady-Built Additions and Sunrooms at the Worcester Home Show

Auburn, MA | March 21, 2018

Brady-Built, Inc. is grateful to have been awarded Best Design in Show at the spring Worcester Home Show. Our display featured a hand-crafted, curved eave sunroom built with natural southern yellow pine beams and Split-Silver Titanium glass. The insulated floor and low-E glass provides optimal energy efficiency for the harsh New England climate.

Southern Yellow Pine
Southen Yellow Pine Boards
Sunroom Plymouth MA

Why Southern Yellow Pine?

Auburn, MA | January 15, 2018

Strong, beautiful, renewable – Southern Yellow Pine is the environmentally friendly choice!

The wood product used in Brady-Built’s hand crafted laminated beams and structural components is 100% American made from sustainably managed US Forests. In fact, Southern Yellow Pine is our nation’s most abundant and sustainably harvested wood resource and has been an integral part of American history, from ship building to flooring, since revolutionary times. Quite simply there is no other wood product that offers such “sustainable” value. Southern Yellow Pine is a clean, renewable, nontoxic, recyclable, bio-degradable & energy efficient building material. It grows fast and is literally farmed like any other food supply – 199 million acres of forest get replanted in southeastern USA every year!

Sunroom Plymouth MA

Hidden Health Benefits to Owning a Sunroom

Auburn, MA | August 13, 2017

We all know that spending time in the sun can be beneficial to your health, but most people aren’t too sure of the specifics. One thing is for sure – having your very own sunroom makes it easy for you to get more sun all year round. Here are a few of our favorite advantages of being a sunroom owner and enthusiast.

Sunroom Plymouth MA

Why is Argon used between the sheets of glass on most of the better grade insulating glass?

Auburn, MA | May 2, 2016

Insulating glass is made with a space separating panes of glass for the same reason people used to install “storm windows” on their houses. Air that does not move is a good insulator. Most insulating materials are designed in a way that traps air to create small pockets of “dead air”.

Seven Alternative Sunroom Ideas

Auburn, MA | March 1, 2016

The best thing about adding a sunroom to your home is that you get to decide how you and the other residents of your home will to use the new room. Here are a few suggestions for alternative sunroom ideas that just might inspire you to create the ultimate perfect room.

Does a Sunroom Make Sense in the New England Climate?

Auburn, MA | June 2, 2015

In northern states where weather is a big factor in the everyday life, we have seen an important surge in the popularity of solariums in recent decades. Are you considering building one at the moment? Like any addition, sunrooms are a great way to add space to the home, but as the name suggests, these sunrooms allows a lot of sunlight into the room and hence, call for many special considerations. Here are a few answers to questions that you might already be asking yourself as you continue your planning.

How To Finally Afford The Sunroom You Are Aching For!

Auburn, MA | Januray 15, 2014

If you are a homeowner considering investing in a sunroom addition or any other home improvement project and you have not saved up enough cash to pay outright, this message is for YOU.

Sunroom Repairs

Auburn, MA | October 13, 2013

Does your sunroom leak? Are there any cracks in the windows? Don’t just let your sunroom fall into disrepair – you need a professional company like Brady-Built Sunrooms to help with sunroom repairs.

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Three Easy Plants to Grow In Your Sunroom

Auburn, MA | June 13, 2013

One of the biggest advantages to owning a sunroom is the natural light that comes in through all those windows. Sunrooms make perfect environments year-round for growing flowers, herbs, and even some vegetables.

Janco Greenhouses

Brady-Built Sunrooms partners with Janco Greenhouses

Auburn, MA | November 16, 2012

Janco Greenhouses has assisted customers throughout the United States with new construction, additions, and custom replacement projects since the company was founded in 1948. Today the company is under new ownership and management and is fully committed to a new mandate towards product quality and satisfying its customers: Quality and dependability through integrity, personal service, and an ongoing commitment to innovative design and manufacturing techniques.

Post & Beam Construction

Why we use post & beam construction

Auburn, MA | February 2, 2012

Post and beam construction, also known as mortise and tenon construction, is one of the oldest and sturdiest methods of building a home.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Add a Sunroom This Year

Auburn, MA | January 11, 2010

More Americans are choosing to stay in their existing homes right now (rather than buying a new house) than they have in decades. The poor economy is largely to blame, of course. Instead of getting a bigger house, homeowners are choosing instead to remodel their existing space to accommodate their needs. One of the most beautiful ways to add living space is through building a sunroom. Here are three reasons why you should add a sunroom to your home this year.

BBB Award

Brady-Built Sunrooms Receives Highest Rating from Better Business Bureau

Auburn, MA | October 29, 2009

Brady-Built Sunrooms has been awarded an A+ BBB Rating by the Better Business Bureau. A+ is the highest business evaluation rating awarded by the national business and consumer advocacy group.

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Four Seasons of Sun: Glass vs. Lexan

Auburn, MA | August 1, 2009

Below is the first article addressing the choice of Lexan and Glass in your sunroom. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, Bob breaks down why some manufacturers do not measure up to Brady-Built quality.

National Sunroom Association

Brady-Built Sunrooms Joins National Sunroom Association

Auburn, MA | June 13, 2009

Brady-Built Sunrooms just wrapped up another very good year and continues its expansion into new markets outside of New England. With this expansion, the company has a need to keep abreast of changes in various state building codes and have an opportunity to affect changes in the codes that will influence the business of building sunrooms. The National Sunroom Association (NSA) is an organization whose membership includes sunroom manufacturers and distributors across the USA and Canada. In joining this group, Brady plans to take an active role in helping to shape industry and government policy with respect to the design, manufacture and installation of sunrooms.

ALL Brady-Built Sunrooms purchased before June 1, 2009 meet IRS requirements for energy saving tax credit!

Auburn, MA | June 12, 2009

The Department of Energy allows a tax credit of 30% of the product cost up to $1,500 when you purchase any Energy Star rated window or door. Brady-Built uses only Pella Energy Star rated windows and doors in our sunrooms. These guidelines are scheduled to change on June 1, 2009, making it more difficult to qualify for the energy tax credit. Buy your sunroom now and get the full $1,500 tax credit.

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