Three Easy Plants to Grow In Your Sunroom

Plants in Sunrooms

One of the biggest advantages to owning a sunroom is the natural light that comes in through all those windows. Sunrooms make perfect environments year-round for growing flowers, herbs, and even some vegetables. If your sunroom gets chilly in the wintertime, you can use heat lamps to keep your little garden thriving. Growing plants indoors means you won’t have to worry about pests interfering with your crops so much. As you can imagine, the wonderful scents from these plants can truly enhance any sunroom, not to mention save you a couple bucks at the grocery store! Here are a few suggestions on plants that you can grow in your sunroom without turning the whole place into a greenhouse.

Basil. This herb is a great resource to have all year long. Easy to grow and easy to harvest, this plant actually does better when you’re constantly pinching some of it off. Every time you want to make pasta, you’ll have a fresh source of this delicious herb, and your dinner guests will love it! Basil and several dishes made from it (e.g., pesto) can be frozen and enjoyed for months to come.

Tomatoes. People are going to start calling your home “Little Italy” if you keep this up! Homegrown tomatoes are another perfect addition to any meal, whether the cuisine is Italian or not. There are many different varieties of tomato that will do well in a sunroom, ranging from small to large. Experiment with different tomatoes to see what you like best!

Mint. Not only does this plant smell nice, but it’s very easy to cultivate. When grown outside, mint has a tendency to spread and get a little out of control, but it’s perfect for growing in containers. This plant prefers hanging out in partial shade but it can also thrive in full sun. To harvest your mint plants, just cut off full stalks of mint and hang them up to dry. Other alternatives include using a food dehydrator to dry out the leaves, or freezing them in self-sealing bags.

You never know what you can accomplish until you give it a try. There are many other vegetables and herbs that can be grown indoors, including beans, carrots, eggplant, chives, parsley, lettuces, radishes, red peppers, and more. Flowers or leafy, inedible vegetation are other great additions – you can grow them in decorative pots and use them as centerpieces on tables in your other rooms when you’re having company over.

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